Surviving to Thriving

Becky & Patricia talk about the importance of operating out of our gifts and figuring out what those are.  Too often we get overwhelmed and frustrated and can’t figure out why we are struggling so much.  

In order to use our gifts well, we need to know what they are and we need to be honest about what we are good at and what brings us life.

Becky & Patricia talk through some steps to help us move from surviving to thriving:
1) Honest self-evaluation
2) List of things you are thankful for
3) Take a personality test
4) Take a spiritual gifts assessment
5) Look for opportunities to use your gifts
6) Learn how to say NO   

Co-parenting through Divorce

Let’s face it, divorce is hard any way you slice it. With kids, it is important to not let them get caught in the crossfire. Today we talk to Juanita Pizer and she talks about the importance of setting aside her differences and working with her ex-husband to raise their kids well.

Juanita talks about how words matter and being very careful how she talks about her kid’s father. She also talks about the importance of being present in her kid’s lives and not just on “her weekend.” She also addresses the importance of communication as parents about the kids as well as being open and honest with their kids. Juanita’s kids are now 16 and 13.

Sports for Girls in the 50’s

Becky’s mom, Tammy Roberts, shares about being a majorette for football games in the 50’s.  Born in 1941, Tammy talks about the limited opportunities for girls to play sports.  She also talks about being the mom of female athletes in the 80’s and 90’s.   She talks about how it is important to always love what you do and how her parents always supported whatever she wanted to do as a kid.  

She has continued that sentiment with her own family, supporting whatever her children chose to pursue and supporting them.

Tammy talks about how much she is enjoying having Becky’s family home for a visit this summer and getting to know her grandkids even better.

Teamwork & Compassion

Sirena Alford shares how she grew up in Baltimore, and was strongly influenced by her basketball coaches to embrace teamwork and compassion.  She shares how she and her teammates had to go above and beyond just to play. She talks about walking a mile to their practice gym after school and chasing down the bus in the morning. Now as an adult, Sirena gets to give back to this same community through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and teach those values to the next generation.  

Sirena serves as the Metro Director for Baltimore City with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  You can find out more information and how you can join Sirena in serving on her website:

In her highlight reel, Sirena shares about her husband’s Mom-bo Sauce, which is a tangy barbecue sauce that he named in honor of his mom.  You can get your own bottle!  If you want to buy this sauce it’s $7 a bottle. Go to to place your order with your name, # of bottles you want, and area you live in! 

Sports Mom Life

Becky & Patricia discuss what it’s like to raise athletes, starting with a short discussion about rec versus travel sports.  We also discuss the importance of letting our kids own their own journey and what that actually looks like.  Patricia talks about figuring out if it’s something that has actually captured their imagination.  

Then we discuss what it looks like to help guide them through getting to the next level and the difference between having aspirations and what it really looks like to work toward their dreams.  We talk about painting them a picture and helping them to understand the importance of being both physically and mentally fit and to then “trust their stuff.”

Lastly, we talked about the importance of being active and doing things together as a family.

In her highlight reel, Patricia shares that her son’s high school baseball team won states this week!  Go Sherwood!

In her blooper reel, Becky shares about paint and their kitchen renovation.  

Working Through the Hard

Carrie Lagas joins us today and talks about the past year and a half of determining what was wrong with her ankle and finally needing to get surgery.  As an avid runner, it has been a difficult journey for Carrie who just had to have a 2nd surgery to remove a pin that was causing her more pain.  Carrie talks about the loss of running and the hope to one day be able to get back to it a little bit.  

She shares that through the process she really tried to focus on what she could do and not on what she couldn’t.  She also talks about how much she really appreciates the people in her life, like her husband who took her to physical therapy when she couldn’t drive and her daughters who are her inspiration.  

Carrie also completed the Daniel Plan Challenge with us and shares a little bit about her why in participating as well as how it was beneficial for her.  

Own the Journey

Alison Ottenbreit talks about the importance of owning her own journey as far as her health and her job go.  She also talks about the importance of letting her 9-year-old daughter own her own journey.  

Alison has a PhD in social psychology and works for Legal Services Corporation.  She talks about the importance of their work and what she does for the company.  She also shares her experience with the Daniel Plan Challenge.  Her three main takeaways were:
1) How much mindless eating she was doing beforehand
2) How she started craving fruit instead of sweets after just a few days
3) We don’t always need to eat when we have the thought that we are hungry.  

She also shares about her daughter’s journey with gymnastics and the importance of letting Ruby own her own journey.  She said she has people around her who help her keep perspective, like Ruby’s coach, and then she in turn can help Ruby navigate the high’s and the low’s and learn perseverance. 

Lastly, she shares that when she gets overwhelmed, there are three things that help her; sleep, positive self-talk and prayer.  

We also discuss the new video-based Bible study by Priscilla Shirer called Elijah.  You can check that out here

Challenge Accepted

Today we interviewed one of the women who joined us in our Daniel Plan Challenge.  Deb Tormey participated in cheerleading, track & field as well as basketball in high school and is now a high school guidance counselor and is currently studying clinical, mental health counseling.

Deb talks about her motivation in joining the Daniel Plan Challenge as well as her progress in staying with the plan.  She talks about the ups and downs of trying to eat healthy and the importance of self-care and giving yourself grace.  

In her highlight reel, Deb talks about how she likes to paint and teaches others to paint as a way to relax.  In her blooper reel, she tells a story about Becky when she first met her husband, Matt.  

Holistic Health

As collegiate athletes, we learned that we needed to pay attention to our holistic health, body, mind and spirit.  Then as we get out into the world, we often struggle to maintain that level of health.  

Today, Becky & Patricia discuss the importance of being healthy and issue a challenge for anyone who wants to work on their health.

The Daniel Plan Challenge – 10 days of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus & Friends.  

Join Becky & Patricia for a 10-day challenge to improve your holistic health.  We will provide daily encouragement for faith and focus, and provide an outline to help you make healthier choices with food and fitness.  And of course, you will have friends walking through the challenge with you.

Becky & Patricia talk about their first experience with the 10-day challenge and the potential benefits:
1) Realize how much food you actually need
2) Truly evaluate what you are eating
3) Work on self-discipline
4) Improve brain health
5) Healthier skin
6) Creating building blocks for fitness
7) Make informed decisions
8) Evaluate your why

Here is how to join the challenge:
1) Join the Facebook group
2) Respond to the Challenge questionnaire or click here to sign up
3) We will email you the 1-page planning sheet and add you to our Facebook Messanger Group
4) Follow the plan with us for 10 days

You can also email us: and let us know you would like to join

You are not your Stat Sheet

In today’s interview, Becky & Patricia talk to Sara Wolf, a former basketball player from George Washington University.  Sara is now working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Anne Arundel, Maryland.  Sara talks about how she used to find her identity and significance in her performance on the basketball court and how unhealthy that really was.  She talks about how her faith has played an important role in helping her to live an integrated life and have a better perspective.

Sara talks about the Daniel Plan detox that she did, which was 40 days of cutting out certain foods and looking to live a healthier lifestyle.  She talks about the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit and how the detox really impacted all three.  She also explains the importance of accountability and friends during the detox as well as keeping her mind and spirit nourished as well as her body.  In the end, the Daniel Plan was the kick start she needed to have a better relationship with food and to understand that the right foods bring life and give energy.  

In her highlight reel, Sara talks about going for walks with her Dalmatian and leaving her cell phone at home.  She encourages all of us to unplug and walk and talk to God.