You are not your Stat Sheet

In today’s interview, Becky & Patricia talk to Sara Wolf, a former basketball player from George Washington University.  Sara is now working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Anne Arundel, Maryland.  Sara talks about how she used to find her identity and significance in her performance on the basketball court and how unhealthy that really was.  She talks about how her faith has played an important role in helping her to live an integrated life and have a better perspective.

Sara talks about the Daniel Plan detox that she did, which was 40 days of cutting out certain foods and looking to live a healthier lifestyle.  She talks about the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit and how the detox really impacted all three.  She also explains the importance of accountability and friends during the detox as well as keeping her mind and spirit nourished as well as her body.  In the end, the Daniel Plan was the kick start she needed to have a better relationship with food and to understand that the right foods bring life and give energy.  

In her highlight reel, Sara talks about going for walks with her Dalmatian and leaving her cell phone at home.  She encourages all of us to unplug and walk and talk to God. 

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