Holistic Health

As collegiate athletes, we learned that we needed to pay attention to our holistic health, body, mind and spirit.  Then as we get out into the world, we often struggle to maintain that level of health.  

Today, Becky & Patricia discuss the importance of being healthy and issue a challenge for anyone who wants to work on their health.

The Daniel Plan Challenge – 10 days of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus & Friends.  

Join Becky & Patricia for a 10-day challenge to improve your holistic health.  We will provide daily encouragement for faith and focus, and provide an outline to help you make healthier choices with food and fitness.  And of course, you will have friends walking through the challenge with you.

Becky & Patricia talk about their first experience with the 10-day challenge and the potential benefits:
1) Realize how much food you actually need
2) Truly evaluate what you are eating
3) Work on self-discipline
4) Improve brain health
5) Healthier skin
6) Creating building blocks for fitness
7) Make informed decisions
8) Evaluate your why

Here is how to join the challenge:
1) Join the Facebook group
2) Respond to the Challenge questionnaire or click here to sign up
3) We will email you the 1-page planning sheet and add you to our Facebook Messanger Group
4) Follow the plan with us for 10 days

You can also email us: lifeisateamsportpodcast@gmail.com and let us know you would like to join

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