Sports Mom Life

Becky & Patricia discuss what it’s like to raise athletes, starting with a short discussion about rec versus travel sports.  We also discuss the importance of letting our kids own their own journey and what that actually looks like.  Patricia talks about figuring out if it’s something that has actually captured their imagination.  

Then we discuss what it looks like to help guide them through getting to the next level and the difference between having aspirations and what it really looks like to work toward their dreams.  We talk about painting them a picture and helping them to understand the importance of being both physically and mentally fit and to then “trust their stuff.”

Lastly, we talked about the importance of being active and doing things together as a family.

In her highlight reel, Patricia shares that her son’s high school baseball team won states this week!  Go Sherwood!

In her blooper reel, Becky shares about paint and their kitchen renovation.  

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