Teamwork & Compassion

Sirena Alford shares how she grew up in Baltimore, and was strongly influenced by her basketball coaches to embrace teamwork and compassion.  She shares how she and her teammates had to go above and beyond just to play. She talks about walking a mile to their practice gym after school and chasing down the bus in the morning. Now as an adult, Sirena gets to give back to this same community through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and teach those values to the next generation.  

Sirena serves as the Metro Director for Baltimore City with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  You can find out more information and how you can join Sirena in serving on her website:

In her highlight reel, Sirena shares about her husband’s Mom-bo Sauce, which is a tangy barbecue sauce that he named in honor of his mom.  You can get your own bottle!  If you want to buy this sauce it’s $7 a bottle. Go to to place your order with your name, # of bottles you want, and area you live in! 

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