Own the Journey

Alison Ottenbreit talks about the importance of owning her own journey as far as her health and her job go.  She also talks about the importance of letting her 9-year-old daughter own her own journey.  

Alison has a PhD in social psychology and works for Legal Services Corporation.  She talks about the importance of their work and what she does for the company.  She also shares her experience with the Daniel Plan Challenge.  Her three main takeaways were:
1) How much mindless eating she was doing beforehand
2) How she started craving fruit instead of sweets after just a few days
3) We don’t always need to eat when we have the thought that we are hungry.  

She also shares about her daughter’s journey with gymnastics and the importance of letting Ruby own her own journey.  She said she has people around her who help her keep perspective, like Ruby’s coach, and then she in turn can help Ruby navigate the high’s and the low’s and learn perseverance. 

Lastly, she shares that when she gets overwhelmed, there are three things that help her; sleep, positive self-talk and prayer.  

We also discuss the new video-based Bible study by Priscilla Shirer called Elijah.  You can check that out here

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