Working Through the Hard

Carrie Lagas joins us today and talks about the past year and a half of determining what was wrong with her ankle and finally needing to get surgery.  As an avid runner, it has been a difficult journey for Carrie who just had to have a 2nd surgery to remove a pin that was causing her more pain.  Carrie talks about the loss of running and the hope to one day be able to get back to it a little bit.  

She shares that through the process she really tried to focus on what she could do and not on what she couldn’t.  She also talks about how much she really appreciates the people in her life, like her husband who took her to physical therapy when she couldn’t drive and her daughters who are her inspiration.  

Carrie also completed the Daniel Plan Challenge with us and shares a little bit about her why in participating as well as how it was beneficial for her.  

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