Detaching from the Outcome

Who won the game?  Did you PR in your race?  What score did you get? We all care about the outcomes, sometimes a little too much.  For some people, the outcome is the only thing that matters. What if we could embrace the process in a way that didn’t cause us so much anxiety?  WhatContinue reading “Detaching from the Outcome”

Interrupted for Good

Life is full of interruptions.  Join us as we talk to Tierra Haynes about her life as the wife of a college basketball coach and mom to three very active boys.   Tierra shares that although their life gets interrupted on a regular basis, God has always used those interruptions for their good.   SheContinue reading “Interrupted for Good”

Age & Wisdom

We are celebrating our birthdays this month!  We both turned 41.   Tune in today as we discuss the life stage we each are in right now.  Becky has pre-teens and Patricia has teenagers.   We also delve into how we are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Lastly, we talk about what have learnedContinue reading “Age & Wisdom”

Finding Identity

Self-described perfectionist, Gaby Go, talks about how getting her identity wrapped up in her running created a lot of problems for her.  It’s easy for us to see ourselves as what we do, but that can be really detrimental. Gaby talks about how when she finally stopped putting her identity in something that she couldContinue reading “Finding Identity”

Humility as Strength

How do you define humility?  Is it a character trait that you aspire to?  Today we talk to Kaley Evans; former Women’s Basketball player from NC State.  She talks about her experience walking on to the team in college as well as organizing a “Play for Kay” game in high school and her experience withContinue reading “Humility as Strength”

Finding & Embracing Your Role

Andi Wenck is a former collegiate goalkeeper for the Maryland Women’s Soccer team.  She is currently an experience design student at the Brand Center in VCU.  Andi shares her experience as a back up goalkeeper who landed at Maryland as a transfer her sophomore year.  Her experience growing up on a farm gave her aContinue reading “Finding & Embracing Your Role”

Attitude is Everything

Our attitude in good and bad circumstances is our choice. And that choice will affect everything else. Join us for our conversation with Val Brock as she shares about growing up in the south, cheering for college football, playing youth sports and the accident that changed everything. Val talks about losing her leg and theContinue reading “Attitude is Everything”

Mindset Matters

Ele Margelos shares about why mindset matters and how to have a strong mindset. Ele, currently the head women’s soccer coach of Washington Adventist University, special Ed teacher in Montgomery County MD and freelance photographer, talks about developing a strong mindset as a youth soccer player through discipline, competition and developing a love for theContinue reading “Mindset Matters”