Humility as Strength

How do you define humility?  Is it a character trait that you aspire to?  Today we talk to Kaley Evans; former Women’s Basketball player from NC State.  She talks about her experience walking on to the team in college as well as organizing a “Play for Kay” game in high school and her experience with the Kay Yow Foundation.  She talks about how Kay was a role model for her growing up and how she observed humility in her life. 

Kaley defines humility as considering others before yourself and knowing that your role is not to just look out for yourself, but also for your teammates.  She talks about how when we accept our role and not spend our energy wishing it were different, we can derive strength and purpose from humility.  She also talks about the power of admitting that we need help and how that is freeing.   

In her highlight reel, Kaley tells us about her friend’s company, Piedmont Pennies.  They are a local to Chapel Hill company that makes delicious homemade cheese snacks.  You can order your very own cheese pennies here: 

In her blooper reel, Kaley shares an embarrassing moment from her time with the Wolf Pack at a basketball event.  

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