Mindset Matters

Ele Margelos shares about why mindset matters and how to have a strong mindset. Ele, currently the head women’s soccer coach of Washington Adventist University, special Ed teacher in Montgomery County MD and freelance photographer, talks about developing a strong mindset as a youth soccer player through discipline, competition and developing a love for the game. She also addresses overcoming injuries and setbacks, setting goals, positive self talk and the importance of accountability. In her highlight reel, Ele tells us about SHEIN, an online shopping app that she is using to get Christmas presents for friends and family. Check it out at http://www.SHEIN.com Ele also mentions a book that she is reading called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. If you have questions or things you think should be included on the show, email us at: lifeisateamsportpodcast@gmail.com. For more great content, follow us on Instagram @life_is_a_team_sport

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