Finding & Embracing Your Role

Andi Wenck is a former collegiate goalkeeper for the Maryland Women’s Soccer team.  She is currently an experience design student at the Brand Center in VCU.  Andi shares her experience as a back up goalkeeper who landed at Maryland as a transfer her sophomore year.  Her experience growing up on a farm gave her a great start at learning responsibility and follow through.  Then as a college goalkeeper, she knew she might never see the field, but tells us why she felt it was important to always give 100% and how she found other ways to contribute to the team off the field.  

Andi talks about how FCA helped give her a safe place to go and feel refreshed and encouraged and how creating a team Bible study created camaraderie within the team.  She also talks about her YouTube project called “Beyond the Bench” where she vlogged behind the scenes with the Maryland Women’s Soccer Team.  You can find those episodes here: 

Finding and embracing her role gave Andi a sense of purpose and made all the little things that had seemed so difficult before, not so hard.  Finding her why allowed her to bloom where she was planted.   

For our highlight reel, we all shared why we choose one word every year for the year.  We highlighted the book, One Word that will change your life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page.  The book explains how to go through the process of picking a word for the year instead of making resolutions and how the simplicity of one word brings clarity and impact.   

You can still register for our Huddle for Women event on January 9 on our website:

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