Finding Identity

Self-described perfectionist, Gaby Go, talks about how getting her identity wrapped up in her running created a lot of problems for her.  It’s easy for us to see ourselves as what we do, but that can be really detrimental.

Gaby talks about how when she finally stopped putting her identity in something that she could control and put in something bigger than herself, it actually brought so much peace.  Gaby found strength in her faith and in who God says that she is and it made the ups and downs of injuries and setbacks manageable because it no longer defined her.

Gaby is currently in graduate school and on her way to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She encourages us to lean into our faith for security and identity instead of the ever changing landscape of our performances.  

In her Highlight Reel, Gaby talks about her new Physical Therapy Instagram page, which you can follow here:

In her Blooper Reel, Gaby tells a story from a Cross Country race during her time at University of Maryland.  

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