Detaching from the Outcome

Who won the game?  Did you PR in your race?  What score did you get?

We all care about the outcomes, sometimes a little too much.  For some people, the outcome is the only thing that matters.

What if we could embrace the process in a way that didn’t cause us so much anxiety?  What if we could stay present and find joy in the journey?

That is exactly what we talk about today with Jordyn Pugh, senior on the Loyola University Track & Field team.  Jordyn shares her experience and several tips on how to do this:

1) Be where your feet are
2) Wash the dishes
3) Find joy in the small moments
4) Embrace the process
5) Ask yourself hard questions

In her Highlight Reel, Jordyn talks about the show Drive to Survive and how she has become obsessed with Formula One Racing.

In her Blooper Reel, Jordyn talks about the painful process of cleaning snow off her car.

You can follow Jordyn on Instagram @jormpugh


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