Fill Your Cup

Our guest for today is Jen Domsic.  Jen is the owner of Jenergy Fitness & Wellness.  Jen does massage therapy, personal training and life coaching.  

Today we talk about the importance of filling your cup.  We talk about examples of things that we do to fill our cup which include personal quiet time, going for walks, competitive sports, surfing, running, getting pedicures and massages, and taking a timeout.  Jen talks about early burnout when she was first starting out and how anxiety and depression played a role in her life.  We also talk about the importance of supporting each other and having accountability and community and not allowing mom guilt to keep us from proper self-care.

In her highlight reel, Jen tells us about attending Crossfit classes at Saltwater Athletics and signing up for her very first competition! 

In her blooper reel, we get to hear a story from when showing off went wrong when she was in high school.

You can follow Jen on Instagram @jenergyfitness 

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