Ep. 39 – Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

All this month we will be talking about health as well as how God has blessed us and the wisdom we have learned.  Today Becky & Patricia introduce the topic and talk about different aspects of health. 

We cover the importance of making time to stay physically healthy both in the form of exercise as well as nutrition.  Meal planning and school lunches have become part of our routine again now that we are back to in-person activities. 

Our mental health is so important and we need to be aware of that.  Becky & Patricia both share tips for how they have navigated the pandemic and the return with their mental health.

Our emotional health is often tied to our mental health.  Being aware of the emotions we are feeling, naming them, and identifying where they are coming from will help us process them.

Our spiritual health comes from our relationship with Jesus.  When we maintain that relationship, it grows stronger, and with that comes perspective about life circumstances.   When we hold on to our faith and trust that God will walk with us, it changes our ability to see him at work. 

Looking at the blessings that we have, helps us to realize how “wealthy” we really are. 

Becky shares that wisdom has come in knowing what to share and when to share it.  Patricia shares the importance of being where your feet are and don’t borrow trouble. 

In her highlight reel, Becky talks about the new shopping service she is using for work clothes called Stitch Fix.   

In her highlight reel, Patricia tells a story from high school basketball where she accidentally beaned a parent in the head with the ball during practice.  

Becky passes the ball to her sister Kylee who is currently serving in the Army and raising her 4 little children.  Patricia passes the ball to her friend Marla who is serving in the Air Force as a reservist as well as serving part-time with FCA.  Thank you ladies for your example and your service! 

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