Ep 40 – Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with Amy Park

Amy is a stay at home mom with two young boys.  She is very passionate about helping other women discover how to be healthier and better versions of themselves.  In our episode today, Amy shares about their journey to solving her son’s health issues.  It was never anything big, but instead there were a lot of little red flags that put together finally made her go searching for what was wrong.  
Her search took her through traditional medicine to a naturopath doctor who helped them to understand that her son had a gluten sensitivity.  His body was not absorbing all of the vitamins and minerals becuase his body would not process the gluten, which was causing internal swelling which manifested itself in lots of little symptoms.  
Amy said that eliminating gluten from his diet has had amazing results already!  It has been 2 months so far and the majority of his symptoms have completely dissapeared.  
Amy also talks about some of the foods they have been able to find to replace the gluten items that her son previously enjoyed.  
She stresses the importance of giving yourself grace as a mom and finding people who will support you in your journey to helping your children be truly healthy.  

In Amy’s highlight reel, she tells us about her new Blendtec blender that “pulverizes” fruits and vegetables for smoothies.  

In her blooper reel, she tells a story about having to retrieve a ball from the roof of her house. 

Amy passes the ball to her mom for all of the sacrifices she has made and for all of her encouragement! 

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