Once An Athlete with Sarah Adewunmi

Sarah Adewunmi grew up playing lots of different sports and specifically loved to play basketball.  She is currently one of the chaplains for the Washington Mystics as well as the Washington Spirit.  Along with being a chaplain, Sarah is also a physical therapist for the Department of Defense and does some life coaching on the side with her sister’s business.

Sarah discusses the mindset of being ready and the need to speak truth to yourself.  She says that leadership is optimized when we start to learn to see ourselves the way God sees us.

Sarah talks about the importance of servant leadership, which involves doing things well when no one is looking and taking a position of humility and humility requires truly knowing who you are.

We also talk about the importance of teamwork and the importance of understanding that everyone has something to offer and we need to value what they have to say.  Sarah talks about how she wants to be known for humility, truth, compassion, and consistency.

Patricia tells a story from the book Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. 

In her highlight reel, Sarah tells us about her sister’s new book, Magic Crown, which can be downloaded on the Kindle for free right now.

In her highlight reel, she tells us about a wardrobe malfunction in elementary school.

Sarah passes the ball to her best friend and her sister. 

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