Once An Athlete with Jolee Paden

A recent study released by Earnst & Young found that 90% of female executive-level leaders had played sports at some point in their background.  We decided to put that statistic to the test and find out about the sports background of several local female leaders and learn what lessons they learned playing sports have helped them to become the leaders they are today.  As the saying goes, ‘once an athlete, always an athlete.’

Jolee Paden grew up in the midwest playing basketball and running track.  At an early age she discovered that she had a real talent in and love for running.  She ran cross country and track in high school and then went on to run at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia in college.

Jolee is the Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes for Washington DC.  She oversees all of the FCA clubs and ministry in the District.  

As an athlete, Jolee learned the attribute of responsiveness, which is the ability to look at a situation and respond accordingly.  

She had a revelation during Body Pump that reminded her that the goal of life is not for it to be easy, but that as we grow we get stronger and can carry more weight.  We can do hard things!
It is really important to discern wether something is hard or toxic.

As a female leader, Jolee talks about the importance of making room at the table for other women and not to just try and hold your seat.  We as women see a lot of perspective and we need to leverage that!

In Jolee’s highlight reel, she talks about how much she loves her new Dyson vacuum.  She says she’s not afraid to make a mess when she has a Dyson! 

In her blooper reel, she tells about a time when she lost her cookies in the hallway in high school before an indoor track meet right in front of a bunch of girls from other schools.  

She passes the ball to her mom who brought her along to everything and taught her to love people well.  

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