Ep. 35 – Once An Athlete with Tiffany Nesfield

A recent study released by Earnst & Young found that 90% of female executive-level leaders had played sports at some point in their background.  We decided to put that statistic to the test and find out about the sports background of several local female leaders and learn what lessons they learned playing sports have helped them to become the leaders they are today.  As the saying goes, ‘once an athlete, always an athlete.’

Tiffany Nesfield grew up running track and chose hurdles because she was told she couldn’t do it.  That persistence and determination took her all the way to the University of Illinois where she ran hurdles on the track team in college. 
In her highlight reel, Tiffany talks about how she is learning tennis and swimming now and how the experience of doing something new helps her to continue to have the perspective of a learner now. 

Tiffany is now a small business owner, running Nesfield Performance, where they offer coaching in holistic, healthy lifestyles.  Their motto is ‘we help people perform better in life.’
Tiffany and her staff specialize in Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Massage Therapy.
You can find her website here: https://nesfieldperformance.com/

Tiffany credits hard work, persistence, and being goal-driven with her success today, which are all things she learned from sports.  She also talks about the ability to compartmentalize so that she can be present and focused with her clients regardless of what things are going on in other parts of life. 

As a leader, Tiffany stresses the importance of admitting that you aren’t perfect and instead leading by example and embracing growth.  She also talks about the importance of being ready for change.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, so the mindset of adaptability is vital in an ever-changing world.  How do we show up when change happens?  And lastly, she shares the importance of listening.

In her blooper reel, Tiffany shares about the time when she fainted while teaching a group session over Zoom.

She passes the ball to her mom, who has always supported her and inspired her through all of the tough times.

You can follow Tiffany and Nesfield Performance on Instagram @tiffany_nesfield and @nesfieldperform

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