Ep. 37 – Once An Athlete with Pam Hitchner

A recent study released by Earnst & Young found that 90% of female executive-level leaders had played sports at some point in their background.  We decided to put that statistic to the test and find out about the sports background of several local female leaders and learn what lessons they learned playing sports have helped them to become the leaders they are today.  As the saying goes, ‘once an athlete, always an athlete.’

Pam Hitchner was a 5 sport athlete in college in the early 80’s!  She played field hockey, basketball, softball, cross country and track. 
She has continued to use her athletic prowess and strong leadership skills as the Athletic Director of Atlantic Christian School in New Jersey.  She also coached basketball there quite successfully for many years.

Pam talks about how her strong work ethic has propelled her to be successful in her field and how she learned that as a student-athlete.  She shares the importance of doing what you are supposed to do even when you don’t feel like doing it.  

“People first follow the person and then they follow the plan.”  
Pam’s advice to women who are trying to live well is to remember relationships are key as a leader.  
“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

In her highlight reel, Pam shares about “Pampy camp,” which is the backyard camp that she did with her grandkids this past summer.

In her blooper reel, she tells us about the time she at funnel cake off a strangers plate on the boardwalk.  

Pam passes the ball to Dena, one of her former athletes.  She describes Dena as an extremely giving and caring person.  

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