Ep 41 – Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with Lisa Mack

Lisa Mack owned her own business for over 20 years. It was a preschool that she started and just sold a few years ago.

She talks about what it looked like to create a startup from scratch as a young woman, her inspiration for doing it and many of the logistics and challenges that she faced along the way. Lisa grew up playing field hockey in high school and went on be on the field hockey team in college.

While in college, she switched to run cross country and track and actually held the mile time record at her school for many years. Lisa talks about how life is a lot like the mile run.

There are 4 laps to running the mile on the track. The first lap isn’t too hard and you’re just getting started. Then often adrenaline carries us through the 2nd lap. It is the 3rd lap that is the hardest. We often feel like we are in the 3rd lap when we are starting out in motherhood and trying to balance work and life and family. Perseverance is really important. Then we get momentum and adrenaline carries us through the 4th lap.

Lisa decided after working at a preschool out of college that she wanted to open her own. She cared a lot about having a quality place to teach children and having really quality teachers. She said that we owe it to our clients and we owe it to God to do quality work. That didn’t mean that they were always the cheapest place in town, they were competitive, but they worked very hard to be the most quality early childhood education.

She talks about how she was told no several times as she was starting out and she encourages us not to take the first no. The first couple of years were a struggle. She had to borrow money from her father and then pay it back. She was also very conscience of budgeting well. She talks about a tithe and why that was critically important for her. The other factor that was critically important was putting money into savings. She talks about making payments to herself for things she wanted to buy in the future instead of going into credit card debt.

Becky tells us about the Every Dollar app that helps you track your finances in order to budget well, whether that be for yourself or your business.

Lisa tells us how important it is to let our money work for us and not the other way around.

In her highlight reel, Lisa talks about her love of sitting at the beach with a good book. The book she read most recently is called “She looks like my little girl” about a woman who lived during the Holocaust. 

For her blooper reel, Lisa tells us about a time when her youngest was around 3 years old and they forgot her in the car when they arrived at church, so she got herself out of her carseat and walked herself into church and checked herself into her Sunday School class.Lisa passes the ball to her mom for inspiring her in her faith and for continuing to stay active.

She said her mom makes her want to live her life living.

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