Today we tackle the subject of self-sabotage.  We spend time talking about various examples like food choices that make us feel bad later, playing the blame game, negative thought patterns, procrastination, fear of failure, and the need for control.  We give real-life examples from the realm of high school athletics, adult life, and also examples as moms.  

Our strategies for combatting self-sabotage are:
1) Identify our tendencies
2) Identify our thought patterns
3) Process through it with journaling or talking to a counselor
4) Identify what you really want and then make small changes in that direction
5) Be willing to fail and then fail forward
6) Create accountability to push us forward and encourage us
7) Don’t compare yourself to others
8) Learn to love the process

In her Highlight Reel, Becky talks about setting up her living room so that it feels pulled together on a small budget.

In her Blooper Reel, Patricia shares another mother of the year moment from leaving the toddler to his own devices.

If you have a subject that you would like to talk about or something that you would like to share on the show, email us at 

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