Everybody wants to have GRIT, but very few can actually define what it is and how to have it.  In today’s episode, we tackle that very subject.

Laura Matera is the Director of Surf and Skate for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and she shares her background and why GRIT has been so crucial in her life from raising 3 girls to losing her husband to cancer several years ago.  

Laura defines GRIT as preparation + persistence and lists courage, motivation, character, integrity, and resolve in the face of difficulty as key ingredients.  She talks about the importance of “staying in the game” and how important it is to remember that we are an example for someone else. 

GRIT is not something we are born with.  It is something that we can build and foster in ourselves and others.  If we are going to stay in the game, we have to train and prepare daily by being disciplined and faithful in the little things so that when we go through hard things, we have a “sticktoitiveness.”  

In her Highlight Reel, Laura shares about She Reads Truth, which is a company that sends devotional books to its subscribers.  They also have a website and an app.   In her Blooper Reel, she talks about her tax season fail the first time she had to do her family taxes.  

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