No Excuses

We all have excuses.  We all have that inner voice that we allow to discourage us. What do we do about it?  How do we combat excuses and move forward in freedom to accomplish our goals?

Becky & Patricia talk about the importance of knowing your why, because when you know your why you will know what to do.  Then once you know what to do, you can figure out how you will do it.

An important question to ask as you look at habits you would like to change: “Is this serving me?”  If your habit is not serving you or you always find yourself caving to the same excuse, create a plan that will serve you and help you reach your goals, then build in some accountability.  

To combat excuses, you need to:
– know your why
– have a plan
– have accountability
– have a time table

In her Highlight Reel, Patricia talks about her new Day Designer.  Then Becky shares about a time she fell in the lake trying to get out of her kayak in her blooper reel.  

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