Ep 50 – Finding Identity

We are back with our 50th episode and the beginning of Season 3.  We are kicking off this season talking about the topic of Identity, where our identity comes from and some of the things that directly affect our identity.

We start off by asking, who are you?  If you define yourself by anything that could possibly change, how does that affect you when that change does happen?  At the end of the day, where is your identity grounded and rooted in a place that is never going to change?

We talk about the importance of finding our identity as a child of God first.  As women we often find a lot of our identity in our family, our friends and our job.  We also discuss what we are allowing to influence our thinking in telling us who we should be.  We need to evaluate the influences we are letting infiltrate our thought processes.

The people we surround ourselves with will have a big influence on how we see ourselves.  It is really important to find genuine community, but that gets harder as we get older.  Becky talks about the importance of being intentional to look for people to invest in, even if they are in another stage of life.  It is also really important to prioritize people and make sure they make it on our calendar so that we keep up with them.  

We also talk about the importance of recognizing our inner dialogue and what is influencing that thinking.  Are you spending lots of time taking in messages that are not uplifting or are you being careful to fill your mind with God’s Word and messages that will affirm you?  Becky talks about how important it was for her to find a biblical counselor and how that women has turned into a mentor and friend for her. 

For our blooper reel today, we just left the camera rolling as Becky tries to remember her blooper reel.  She thinks she fell on her rollerblades.  She then gets input from everyone in her house who suggest things she possible could have done as her blooper.  😛

For our Pass the Ball, Patricia shouts out her friend Sarah Adewunmi and Becky passes the ball to her friend Christy Baccala. 

If you have topics you want to hear us talk about or questions you want us to answer, email us at: lifeisateamsportpodcast@gmail.com 

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