Ep. 47 – I went Pro with Shereesha Richards

Shereesha Richards grew up in Jamaica playing netball. It is a sport that is similar to basketball that is played 7 on 7.

She got the opportunity to go to a basketball camp at the age of 16. After the camp, she was approached with the opportunity to go to the United States and play basketball in high school. Shereesha decided to take the opportunity and moved to New Jersey on her own, lived with a host family, played basketball and went to school. She talks about having to get used to the cold, the quiet and the culture. She felt like despite the differences, she transitioned easily and really enjoyed her time.

After high school, Shereesha was recruited by and attended the University of Albany. She talks about how her team won their conference championship all 4 years of college and how they made it past the first round of NCAA’s her senior year and what an amazing experience that was!

Her senior year, Shereesha’s coach approached her with the idea that she could play basketball professionally after school. She didn’t end up getting drafted by the WNBA, but she did get an agent who was able to get her on a team in Spain.

She played in Spain for 4 years and talks about how the transition to Spain was the hardest one that she has ever done. Not only was it a new culture, but it was a new language and she had to use a translator. Shereesha is now playing professionally in Australia and recently got married. She first went to Australia in 2018 and loved it, so she decided to return and ended up meeting her husband and settling there.

Shereesha talks about the importance of building connections and relationships. It is amazing how far you can go because of connections that you have. She also talks about learning other people’s cultures and what a rich experience that can be.

For her highlight reel, Shereesha highlights the Christmas spirit. Where she lives in Australia, it won’t get cold, but she is still enjoying putting up the Christmas tree and the lights on the house.She is also enjoying her new hobby of gardening. 

In her blooper reel, she talks about when people use names for things that mean something different to you.

Shereesha passes the ball to her mother back in Jamaica and to Pam Hitcher, her 2nd mom in New Jersey. She talks about how they have both encouraged and supported her through her entire journey.

You can follow Shereesha on Instagram @sr_richards25

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