Ep 44 – I went Pro

Becky & Patricia introduce the last theme for season 3 in this introductory episode. In this month’s theme, I went Pro, we will be interviewing women who have made sports their career, some of them as athletes and others as coaches and administration.

In the introduction, they share the stats, that only 7% of athletes go on to play in college and then only 2% go on to become a professional.

In today’s episode, Becky & Patricia discuss their own collegiate experiences and what the process was like in getting to that level as well as the hard work and determination that it took to compete there.

They talk about how your perspective is your reality. So many people put these women on a pedestal and don’t understand the journey they have been on in order to achieve that level. We want to peek behind the curtain and hear their stories and what they have learned along the way.

Becky & Patricia share about the jobs that they do professionally and encourage listeners that every job has pieces that are hard, so picking something that you love instead of chasing money will always pay off and be worth it. 

In her highlight reel, Becky talks about how her entire family recently ran a Spartan race in Philadelphia and loved it! In her blooper reel, Patricia talks about a time she fell asleep on the bus and missed out on dinner.

Becky & Patricia both pass the ball to Sarah Chamberlain, who was a senior when they were freshman in college and really did a great job of making us feel welcome and taken care of our first year of college soccer.

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