Make a Memorial

What are some significant monuments or memorials that you can think of? Why are they important?

In Joshua 4 God tells Joshua and the Israelites to make a memorial. Let’s overview why this was significant at the moment.

Back in Exodus, God sent Moses to tell the Pharoah of Egypt to let the Israelites go. In Exodus 3:17, God promises to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt and to a land flowing with milk and honey. God does bring them out of Egypt in very dramatic fashion. Then they end up in the desert for 40 years. Now they have the opportunity to actually see the promised land, but there is a river at flood stage in their way. In Joshua 3:13 God explains his plan to allow everyone to cross. Once they crossed, he instructed them to collect 12 stones from the middle of the river to construct a memorial so that they and future generations would fear God and trust him.  

What has God brought you through? Is there some way you need to memorialize that?

In today’s episode, Becky & Patricia discuss some of their own personal hard things from the past few years and how God has been faithful to them as well as how they plan to memorialize their experiences.

In the highlight reel, Patricia talks about the new podcast her kids found called Sports Wars.  In the blooper reel, Becky talks about the danger of being unplugged from the power source.  

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