How many times have you thought, hindsight is 20/20? If we had known some information now it would have changed how we went about a current situation. With age we grow wise to how life is a series of interactions with others. Will we approach them well or not? The fire on the boardwalk from far away looks incredibly different up close. From two blocks away vs close up as a firefighter’s view is quite different. The images are super sad and will impact many people in the days to come.

Perspective is everything. When looking closely at things in our life it can be hard to discern the depth of the issues. When things go opposite of what we envisioned having a clear purpose will help to stay the course. What is your why? Look at the painting here. From about 10 feet away you see a beautiful meadow type scene filled with peace and calm. But up close all the ridges of the paint are seen which include hard edges and sharp colors. It reminds me of life. When we are in a situation it is hard to see the big picture. The emotions of the situation are vibrant and strong. We need each other to help us remember to take a step back and think about our why. What this situation can be teaching us about ourselves or others in order to grow.

As moms we have a sense to always be on the ready. It could be help with chores, homework, diapers, making food, or just being present. We never know what our children will need. However we will always figure it out and jump into action!

When my daughter wanted to start skateboarding we went out and found wrist, elbow, and knee pads. As her mom ‘safety first’ rang in my mind. However at the skate park when she was supposed to get her gear on she did not want to skate anymore. I tried to get her to share why this was the case. Some of her reasons included: cold and windy out, tired, and changed her mind. All of these had some merit. It was 45 degrees out and windy. She and I had just finished rollerblading for a bit. The one that made me think twice was the change of mind. I let her sit in the car while I bladed a bit more and contemplated what was her 8 yr old perspective on the skateboarding fade. Was the gear uncomfortable? Was she feeling shy or embarrassed trying something new?

Fast forward a day later to a very sweet interaction with my daughter about the skate park incident. Which doesn’t always happen mind you! After stepping back and getting some perspective we were able to connect on what her heart was going through. These moments are priceless as a parent. They also happen in marriages, friendships, and work relationships. When we are able to give some space to others and care enough to put ourselves in their shoes we are able to build and mend bridges.

Humility is a word that is rarely used these days. It means to put the needs of another person before your own as well as to think of others above oneself. This definition hits home on many different levels. There are ways we do this well and others that need some work. When we are confronted with life situations to be humble what is our first response? Ignore the issue? Does it sting less by dismissing the issue? Being able to look a few steps ahead of how we want our relationship to be will help our reaction in the moment. This is a strategy that comes in handy.

Another phrase comes to mind that relates to this topic. ‘Slow to speak and quick to listen.’ This saying has been permanently ingrained in my heart. We have two ears and one mouth which makes me ponder how much I need to listen more before I speak.

At the end of the day the way we treat others is supreme. Finding perspective in the everyday moments of life. This too shall pass. How will we live so when we look back it will all be molded together and be a beautiful portrait?


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