About Us

What’s it like to be friends for over 20 years?

Well I know how it feels and we are here to share! Patricia and I have been friends for over 22 years! Wow right? It is pretty incredible to have a friend who has known you for so long through so many highs and lows in life. The years fly by when you have “your people.” They know your flaws and love you still.

Patricia and I met as 18 year old freshman in August of 1998. We both were recruited by Coach Davis to play soccer at Clarks Summit University, formerly known as Baptist Bible College. Patricia was a goalie and I played midfield and defense. Soccer was our first bond and basketball became the second. We both walked onto the basketball team and spent almost all our time together that year. Patricia went on to finish college at Mary Washington College. I finished up at Clarks Summit in 2002 with a bachelor of science degree.

After college Patricia went on to marry Kevin and they have been raising their four children while residing in Maryland. She is the Collegiate Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes at University of Maryland. I married Matt Pineo and we enjoy living in South Jersey while raising our two children. By day I am a middle school Physical Education teacher. I know, I know, I’m a saint for working with hormonal teenagers! I definitely fit right in with them!

Patricia and I stayed in touch after college. She has made an annual trip to the beach to visit us every summer for the past 10+ years! This podcast organically came to mind in October of 2020. I have always loved to connect with people and this seemed like a natural next step to use the gift of gab that I have!

As we gather in our “team room” each week to explore lessons we have learned from sport and how our faith, fitness, family and fun weave their way into our everyday lives, we hope you will walk away being encouraged to know you are never alone.


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